TamilRockers: Members of TamilRockers.com website are arrested

TamilRockers.com: A few members of the online website TamilRockers, that has been giving sleepless nights to Kollywood filmmakers and producers, were engaged and inactive, on That Coimbatore. According to a source, it is the anti-piracy cell which tracked down the culprits who uploaded the pirated versions of Hindi, English, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam and other language films on their site. The site is said to have a connection with international piracy rackets, too.

Interestingly, the positioning became standard among Tamil moving-picture show buffs as a result of a reasonably giant demand and provide chain. There area unit many that are counting on this web site to look at films for a moment currently, and the demand witnessed a sudden rise before the release of Kabali, as the worth of the tickets within the initial day's values a bomb. The makers of the film planned to initiate strict action against the placement, coincidentally, another internationally popular piracy channel KickassTorrent went offline, as its host was arrested. Though TamilRockers had a tricky time in uploading the derived copy of Kabali before long when its theatrical unleashes, they later managed to do it.

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The constant amendment in their domain names since the start of this year to avoid obtaining caught is additionally notable. Interestingly, once somebody asked the positioning to place their operations on hold throughout the discharge of following massive price tag flick, S3 it slow agone, the team with a following of just about 12K on Twitter replied on November twenty five, that their service will be in full swing during the time of the movie's release, too.

Tamilrockers website is:

Tamilrockers.cc (From Mar 7), Tamilrockers.to (From Apr 20), Tamilrockers.be (From Jul 6), Tamilrockers.pm (From Jul 28), Tamilrockers.ws (From Aug 11), Tamilrockers.lu (From Sep 6), Tamilrockers.la (From Sep 27), Tamilrockers.ac (From Nov 25)

Tamilrockers forum site are:

tamilrockers.by, tamilrockers.hn, tamilrockers.cl, tamilrockers.mu, tamilrockers.ph, tamilrockers.gd, tamilrockers.vc, tamilrockers.gy, tamilrockers.cl, tamilrockers.gs, Tamilrockers.li, Tamilrockers.st, Tamilrockers.ro, Tamilrockers.ax, tamilrockers-s.co, Tamilrockers.tv, Tamilrockers.com, tamilrockers.net

However, once Tamilrockers 2018 leaked ‘Kaala' on the day of its unharness, the anti-piracy cell has currently declared that they need with success suspended the account of the web site. The twitter handle of the anti-piracy cell tweeted “Tfpc antipiracy cell has suspended http://tamilrockers.gs and http://tamilrage.eu. #killpiracy #saynotopiracy”.

On 4th November 2018, Tamil Rockers threatened to upload HD print of Vijay's highly anticipated movie ‘Sarkar' on their illegal website for online download.

On fifth Gregorian calendar month 2018, in there fight against piracy TFPC Anti Piracy Cell released a press release saying, “We should collectively work together for this and ensure that the thief Tamil Rockers does not win. We should appoint persons to each theatre to closely monitor. If somebody is seen recording the film, we request that they should be immediately reported to the police. Further, we tend to had set that every one theatre should have CCTV cameras. We want to information concerning this through this letter.”

On sixth Gregorian calendar month 2018, Tamilrockers website reportedly leaked pirated version of movie ‘Sarkar' illegally. It remains to be seen if TFPC opposing Piracy Cell are going to be able to realize the supply of the leak and take action once more the web site by taking it down from the internet. Vijay's fans have expressed disappointment concerning the leak and have requested authorities to require fast action.

On eighth Gregorian calendar month 2018, Aamir Khan – Amitabh Bachchan star Hindi flick ‘Thugs Of Hindostan' got leaked on Tamilrockers. After the leak, Tamil Film Producers Council released a statement saying that Tamil rockers must be prevented from such piracy. They conjointly urged theatre homeowners to deploy folks to forestall moviegoers from recording movies.
On tenth Gregorian calendar month 2018, reports started creating rounds that Tamilrockers had vulnerable on their social media account that they'll leak Rajinikanth-Akshay Kumar starrer ‘2.0' on the day of its release. Soon once this, web site} ran text on their site voice communication that they're not on social media.

On twenty-eighth Gregorian calendar month 2018, ahead of the release of much-awaited movie ‘2.0', the Madras High Court directed 37 internet service providers (ISPs) to block over 12,000 websites that are responsible for leaking pirated versions of Tamil movies. 2,000 TamilRockers domains were part of the list.

On 29th November 2018, reports suggested that even after Madras HC's decision to block 2,000 domains operated by Tamilrockers, the website still managed to leak Rajinikanth and Akshay Kumar starrer 2.0 online. Fans took to social media to precise there vexation concerning the leak and requested authorities to require fast action against Tamil Rockers. Meanwhile, 2.0's team has created an Associate in Nursing attractiveness to the flickers to mention no to piracy and watch the movie solely in theaters. The official handle of the flick tweeted, “Hard work of four yrs, crores of money, efforts of 1000s of technicians – all to give you a visual spectacle you can watch, love and enjoy in THEATRES! Do not spoil the experience. SAY NO TO PIRACY! Send all pirated links to [email protected] Indian cinema shine! #2Point0”.


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