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SEO Friendly URL and Permalink Structure: You've done all you can to make your website SEO friendly. All you have left to do is find the right keywords and content. But, what if it doesn't all come together? Let's look at a few tips for creating an SEO friendly URL structure.

Some SEOs may need a little more help with this. Hopefully, these SEO friendly URL techniques will work for you too.

First, the right keywords on your URL is crucial. If you are not careful, you could lose out on business or get flooded with links from other sites that do not belong to you. So, you want to find the right keywords for the right terms and use them.

Second, you should always use keywords that are relevant to the content of your site. Don't try to go for niche keywords that you don't know anything about. So, avoid those on the first few words and concentrate on those that you know a little bit about.

Third, make sure you put the URL within the first 25 characters. This is a good idea, especially for webmasters that have to add the URL as well as their signature to web pages. This is to prevent problems with link rot. If someone has already added a page's URL to the front page, you can indeed be threatened by the URL being there.

Fourth, avoid including any extension in the URL. You don't want to need to change the URL to something that is less understandable. Also, you don't want to have to add one to your domain name to make sure the URL matches.

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Fifth, keep in mind that the right keywords need to be strategically placed to take advantage of the right keywords. It is not enough to grab the most commonly used keywords. Make sure they are used correctly and organized logically.

Sixth, the url should always be listed on the right. Don't create a weird keyword structure where the keywords appear on the left. This is a terrible SEO practice.

Finally, when writing content, use keywords in the first paragraph. This will get the reader to the next paragraph quickly, giving them some indication of the search terms.

Finally, remember that while keywords may work well when you are creating your URL, it is a necessity when you are composing content. Don't go out of your way to be so creative with the title.

The rest of the Internet world is ready for the best SEO practices. So, continue to push your site and enjoy the competition.

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SEO Friendly URL and Permalink Structure
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