New Emojis And GIF File For Any Whatsapp User – Amazing Animated Emojis For Whatsapp

New Emojis And GIF File:

Emojifi – Get live emoji, stickers & GIFs suggestions based on the typed words across chat platforms. Tag words to emojis and express more

★ ⌨ Use your default keyboard – Emojifi removes the hassle of searching for relevant emojis/stickers/Gifs in a very innovative way without disrupting the user experience. Emojifi provides emoji suggestions using your existing keyboard without the pain of switching keyboard just to get the emoji, stickers and Gif suggestions 😀. As you type, emojis, stickers, and Gifs will automatically pop up on a bar called Emoji bar for you to select. You don’t have to scroll through the several pages to find the right emoji to use.

★ 🏷 Tag words to emoji & express more – Emojifi has a set of words tagged to each emoji. But what if you want to tag some other word/words to an emoji 🤔🤔 and better still in the language of your choice.
Use Emojifi’s (💪 Patent pending 💪) tagging feature to tag any word to any emoji

For example
🙈 Custom tag this emoji for the word ‘blushing’ apart from its regular use of ‘see 
no evil’
⚽ In addition to the regular tag of ‘soccer’, you can also tag this emoji to the 
word ‘football’ or ‘FIFA’ or your favorite player
🍻 This emoji is tagged to word ‘beer’. Want to tag this emoji to the word ‘party’? Use emojifi.
You can use Emojifi to tag 🆗 to the word ‘kk’ or tag 👍 to ‘kk’ or tag 👌 to ‘kk’ 

★ 👆Tap functionality – Click on any emoji in the emoji bar and the typed word gets replaced by the clicked emoji. Long press to insert tagged word along with the emoji 

★ 📲 Works in any app – Emojifi works in all your favorite apps like Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger, Snapchat, Kik, Instagram, Twitter, Hangouts and many more. 😦😧😱

Emoji used in our app is provided for free by Emojifi team thanks the entire team of Emojione for providing such wonderful emoji sets for free.

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