Breaking News: India’s first 5G Reliance Jio Phone | Reliance Jio 5G Unlimited Plan 2018

India's first 5G Reliance Jio Phone:

Breaking News: India's first 5G Reliance Jio Phone | Reliance Jio 5G Unlimited Plan 2018. Please don't forget to Like, Share, Comment and Subscribe to our Techno Vedant Channel for more videos.

In a bid to upgrade the current long-term evolution (LTE) mobile communication services across India, Samsung on Tuesday announced its innovative “I&G (Infill & Growth) Project” for Reliance Jio Infocomm Ltd that will help expand both the current network capacity as well as network coverage.

Reliance jio good news is -jio is the first company that will be launching 5G in India.5G news, latest jio 5G jio,latest jio news,jio ,TRAI,Telecom Regulatory Authority Of India.

Reliance jio is in the top of the telecom company in india.
Many people says that Reliance jio 4g may be ending happy new year offer.

Jio is become very popular these days.We always support need your support.Few days back TRAI(Telecom Regulatory Authority of India) ha sent jio notice and jio has to reply within few days with satisfactory answer or jio has to end its happy new year offer very soon.Telecom Regulatory of India(TRAI)said it will examin the new jio offer to see if it meets guidlines or not.

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Reliance Jio Welcome offer and happy new offer is an best opportinuties for users to experiance the true jio 4g network speed

Jio also support apple phone and jio give free 12 month jio free data offer who buy i phone

1. JIO Happy New Year Offer
2. Generate jio  happy new year offer code,latest update of jio sim offer validity of jio sim

This is the video about that jio is going to be the first company that will be launching 5G in India.

This is very good news to the jio user because like the jio welcome offer there is a chance that exactly this will happen to the jio 5G when it good news is whenever the 5g comes jio will be the first company that launching 5g in india

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